1839 Pipe Tobacco 1 lb (16oz)


1839 Pipe Tobacco is a carefully cultivated pipe tobacco made from three great blends of tobacco.  Flue-cured Oriental, Virginia, and Kentucky Burley tobaccos are cured using a centuries-old process to create the signature 1839 flavor.  The 1839 Pipe Tobacco comes in three great signature flavors to satisfy your cravings, Red, Blue, and Green.  The Red blend showcases the historic roots and aromatic flavor of this signature blend.  The Blue is a silky smooth smoking experience with all the 1839 flavors you need.    The Green is a crisp refreshing menthol blended into the classic flavor of 1839.  If you’re looking for a taste that has stood the test of time, then this 1839 Pipe Tobacco is what you need to try.  How can you go wrong with a brand that has been a top-ranked product for almost 200 years?


    1839 Pipe Tobacco has been top-rated tobacco for over 200 years.  The unique curing recipe discovered by a Southern farmer in 1839 is the foundation of the signature flavor of this Oriental, Virginia, and Kentucky Burley blend.   These flue-cured tobaccos showcase just why these blends have stood the test of time.


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