4 Aces Pipe Tobacco 1 lb (16oz)


4 Aces Pipe Tobacco is a sure bet for giving you a winning flavor in your hand. The smooth Virginia and Burley tobacco blends, available in Regular, Gold and Silver, are a sure bet. Keep your poker-face even knowing you have an Ace up your sleeve with the Turkish blend that adds that little bit of unique flavor to an already flavorful product. If you like to play it cool, then the Menthol blend is sure to give you the deal you’re looking for. When you smoke this brand, you’ll be happy knowing your holding 4 Aces, a sure reason to make you want to go all-in.

4 Aces Pipe Tobacco is available in Regular, Gold, and Menthol in 1lb and 6 oz bags. The Silver and Turkish blends are currently available only in 1lb bags.

    It will be hard for you to maintain your poker face, knowing you’re holding the flavorful goodness that is 4 Aces Pipe Tobacco in your hand. Be it Regular, Gold or Silver, you will always know you have a winning hand. Don’t be afraid to ante up and try out the Menthol or Turkish blends for an added bit of flavor that’s sure to give you a winning hand.


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